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In 2009 I am undertaking an e-learning fellowship. These are resources that you are welcome to view or use in your own classroom.

e-Fellow wikispaceA link to the 2009 eFellow Projects
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This is a link to a 37 page workbook to provide a framework for students making a movie based on Shackleton. This a large file and may take about 5 minutes to download.

View the completed movies made by Year 7 & 8 students here

The movies are presented in a variety of formats. These were chosen by the students based on their skills and interests. They include acting, 3D animation, animation and claymation.

You tube provides a rich source of student demonstrations of "how to" videoes on stop motion.
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"You wouldn’t want to be a Polar Explorer" by Jen Green, illustrated by David Antrim (Franklin Watts, 2001)

I used this book to organise my film groups. Each group got one or two chapters to base their demonstration of leadership around.

Here is a link to an interactive website that is based on Jen Green's books and will also give you links to similar books on other topics.

Films Used

South - the original footage from the expedition.

Shackleton - a recreation of the events. Students started viewing from the point of departure from England.

Crevasse Art

Students viewed a street art video from You Tube where an amazing 3D crevasse was painted on a wharf edge. I used this as a teaching tool (often frame by frame) on the dataprojector to see the steps. The students then created their own art with an Antarctic theme. Students drew, painted and cut out the animals and placed them on the picture separately. Laminating the artwork made it look great.